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 x'Division-team popis clanova

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PostSubject: x'Division-team popis clanova   Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:24 pm

Line Up
ShaKa*LDR (xf: blooder1993)
Uslje*LDR (xf: hacker2703)
quaTTro (xf: klopic)
Yoda (xf: ownerzyoda)
tURbO♥️P.T. (xf: turbach)
ZveR (xf: djuka4515)

Back Up
Koc4?! (xf: velarapash)
$H3Rlo(K (xf: shecky1)
JERRY (xf: jerrrrrry13)
Brane (xf: brane2105)
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x'Division-team popis clanova
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